Greg Githens, The Strategic Thinking Coach

Can you confidently say that you understand what it means to “be strategic?” I’ll teach you the mindset & actionable skills so that you can say,

“I am a competent strategic thinker who creates value.”

The ability to think strategically is a competency that enhances business and career success. Numerous studies confirm that it is the top-ranked skill for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs. It is also a rare skill; if you have it, you have an advantage over others.

I help clients develop competency in strategic thinking and innovation. I’ll help you understand specifically what it means “to be more strategic” and help you build a personal brand as a strategist. You’ll learn how to define competency in a practical way; it’s not just a buzzword.

I’m here to help you get promoted! I’ll help you build executive presence by gaining confidence understanding the nature of strategic situations. I have particularly good impact helping women.

My coaching approach is similar to taking private lessons or clinic: I’ll get to know your needs, aspirations, strengths, & weaknesses. We’ll jointly develop your “improvement map.” I emphasize being relevant and achieving meaningful learning. You’ll get specific assignments (some of them you can perform with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage). During our sounding-boards & debriefings, I’ll help you recognize the principles of good strategy & develop specific actions for you and your organization.

You’ll acquire a mindset and practical tools. I’ll guide you in practicing specific “microskills” that will assure that you develop GOOD and avoid bad strategy.

I have worked in large business and fast-growing entrepreneurial settings and have an international reputation. I have considerable experience in the development (& execution) of strategies for new products and services ($500 million of new business). I have experience as a member of a Board of Directors. I have experience working with highly educated, tough-minded technical people.

I work with clients (individuals and teams) worldwide via virtual & face-face. I reside near Tampa Bay.

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