The Strategist’s Perspective: Develop Your Own Unique Own Common Sense

Perspective is the combination of an individual’s personality blended with her point of view. Her perspective is the foundation of all aspects of her strategic thinking: the way she senses her unique situation, makes sense of data, synthesizes, and programs her strategies.

Throughout this book, I have valorized the concepts of being unorthodox, unconventional, nonconformist, and unordinary. A person’s strategic perspective is grounded in their personality, life experiences, and present point of view. No two people will have the same perspective because each person has a unique path in life during which she accumulates resources: experiences, knowledge, attitudes, ambitions, common sense, and outlooks. That path establishes her perspective and influences her strategic thinking.

My advice is to regard your unique self and perspective as a strength. It adds diversity to the organization and, through that diversity, resilience. An individual’s perspective on strategic thinking, combined with her perspective on leadership, provides an important source of power for helping the organization advance its interests.

.…The above is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of How to Think Strategically, available at all major booksellers. The book’s big idea is that strategic thinking is an individual competency that can be recognized and developed. As individuals steadily improve their capacity to think strategically, the organization gains potential to craft strategy that is good, powerful, effective, clever, and nuanced.

“This book has opened my eyes to see that during my career as an engineer, designer and manager, I did more operational thinking than strategic thinking. Thinking more strategically I believe would have greatly benefited my career. The book provides what you need to learn to become a very competent strategic thinker.”
― Bob Engineer – customer review on Amazon